Cow market

Wednesday, October 23th, 2019

The Cow market, in dutch ‘Koeiemart’, is an old tradition for more then 600 years in the autumn in the city centre of Woerden

It is one big party in the streets of the centre of Woerden. There is, of course, a cow show, a large market and a lot more.

At the “excercitieveld” there is a large fun fair.

Immaterial Cultural Heritage!

In 2017, the Cow market has been awarded a place on the Immaterial Cultural Heritage Inventory list. Read more about Immaterial Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands. A film about the Koeiemart and its ranking on the Immaterial Cultural Heritage Inventory list.

Woerden has market rights since 1410. Traditionally livestock was traded there. and the streets used to be full of animals. More than 600 market editions have thus far contributed to Woerden’s fame.

Nowadays the cow market is a big party in the city centre of Woerden. Admire the cows of the farmers and take a look at the shows. Every autumn it is buzzing in the city with a fair, a market and a regional market.

The cow party is a reunion for all farmers families and a proud day for the entire region. This annual tradition has now been registered on the list of intangible cultural heritage.