Cheese market

Due to the coronavirus, it is still unknow if the Cheese Market will take place in 2021. Please visit this website again for information and updates aboute the the Chees Market 2021

Woerden is a real cheese city, the farmers cheese market takes place every saturday in the summer months.

Come and see the cheese show at 11.00 until 12.00 at the square Kerplein (center of Woerden)

In the beginning of the farmers cheese market, a cheese bell will be rung. After that bell, the market has started and the farmes are then allowed to sell their cheese. At the end of the market the bell will be ringing again. That’s the end of the market. In Woerden the prices are decided between a farmer. The farmer and the buyer name a price and clap hands each turn. They are trying to find a price they are both ok with.

After the show the cheeses are sold by the cheesefarmers. The trader takes the cheese with him to his cheesewarehouse. Most cheeses still have to ripe before they are ready to eat. If you would like to see the cheese making and ripening process, come to Emmakade 6a.

Film Cheese Market

Cheese market Woerden