Cheese academy

Green Heart Cheese academy

Enterprises, schools, and authorities are working together in the Cheese academy to enhance general knowledge of all aspects of traditional cheese products.

Cheese Warehouse

Fieldlab of the Green Heart Cheese academy

The Woerden Cheese  Warehouse is the Cheese academy’s first fieldlab, where students learn how to make cheese in a modern way, and how to store, turn, and trade cheese. Woerden’s technical talents are developing a special production line, where cheeses can be turned around automatically. Making cheese is  indeed a technical process.

More information?

For more information about internships in the Cheese Warehouse, cheese making courses for students, cheese making at home, participation in a cheese technique project or other subjects, please contact::

Coordinator Marieke van der Kleij

Tel: 06-22604500


Content based cooperation

Parties work together at physical educational locations in the Green Heart, the so-called fieldlabs,  where practical things come together. This cooperation is based on the content of specific themes for personal development in the Green Heart.

Labour market

There are jobs available in the cheese making industry, ‘from the ground to the mouth’ as it were. The Cheese academy acts as a bridge toward those jobs.

The Cheese academy’s educational fields:

  • Smart technology
  • Circular economy
  • Food production process/traditional
  • Chemistry/bio science
  • Leasure and tourism

Goal and added value

Cooperation based on content connects. Together, dedicated organisations are helping students and staff to constantly develop their skills and knowledge to achieve innovative power. By better connecting education, the labour market,  and society, companies should be able to attract the skilled workers they need more easily.