Going back in time… just for a moment

Vendors used to bring produce and other farmers’ products to the city, trying to make a profit. After a while, farmers realised Woerden was the place to do business, and that it would be worth their while to go there themselves.

It did not take long before they started travelling to the city in their horse-drawn carriages. The farmers, who were now trading independently, brought supply and demand together, and sold their products directly to their customers. The first market in the city of Woerden was held in 1410.

The fusion of the intimate urban atmosphere and the farm life outside the walls of the fortress, made Woerden special. The marketplace, where farmers, vendors, and citizens meet, has always been and will always be full of character.

The close connection between countryside and sensible entrepreneurial spirit, established in the 15th century, has never left the city. That is why you can still enjoy this market town the way it was meant to be from the start. Every Saturday the Kerkplein (Church square) is transformed into a trading place for authentic agricultural products and produce.